No Show

As you can probably guess by the title my mother and my sisters were a no show at the family event that we went to yesterday. I was a bit hurt to not see my sisters but I honestly wasn’t surprised. My “mother” loves playing the victim and being a drama queen. If she would of been there internally I would of loved to express my emotions to her from hurt, sad, unwanted, mad and much more confusing ones. But I would of played nice.

I feel like now I will be that girl on the Doctor Phil show wanted to reconnect with my estranged sisters I haven’t seen in 10 years. I has maybe been 1 year since I have seen them and there has always been some form of contact. I just spoke to 2 out of the 3 on their birthdays earlier this year.

Deep down inside if I can be completely honest. I have such joy when I see my sisters but is it worth the pain and suffering to see my “mother” too (since they are not allowed to leave her sight/side).

It is a cost I have paid for for years and I am done paying that price.


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